Real Estate has changed and Lake Martin Real Estate is NO exception! We feel with the every growing number of listings on the market that we need to target listings into “smaller” lists in order to help our buyers and investors to locate and evaluate what they are looking for on Lake Martin. To continue the level of service we try to provide to our clients, customers and friends we have created and developed this website. This site will showcase Lake Front Homes, Lake Front Cabins, Lake Front Lots and Lake Front Condos, all under 500,000.00. We will pick and choose only the finest investments and values to place on this site. This site will also show you a lot more pictures than a general public MLS or Realtor Site, as well as giving you information on the real estate market as it pertains to under 500K properties.


Our Clients Love Us!

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful weekend Johnny and I had!!! Everything was perfect! We love SpringHouse and dinner on Friday night was excellent like it always is. We had Shelby to come on Saturday morning to do our massages. We totally fell in love with her! Our plans then were to go to the pool but we were so relaxed we just sat on the balcony and enjoyed watching the people and boats go by. Johnny and I really needed a 'get away' weekend and this did the trick. You would have thought we had flown to Hawaii!

Thank you so much for everything! You did a great job! Like I said before, 'The Langston Team is Number One!'

Johnny & Betsy